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Friend of Avedon

This is Mike, 84 years old. I met him when I was strolling around Central Park. I asked him if I could take his photograph and sat down next to him. He used to be a photographer and worked with Richard Avedon. I sat quiet for a long time, while he preached about life. I enjoyed listening to that wise person,  he said things I will carry with me and for that I’m thankful.




“Enjoy being here and you will find the inspiration in the things around you. Look at your beautiful skin! one day you’ll wake up and have hands like mine”


















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Do you want to see what I see, know what I know?

split1 (kopia) (koBLOGGpia)


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Here are a three photos from a color project called: Winter. My thought was to capture the change that happens in people and around us when winter arrives. It’s based on my own experience and Scandinavian background.

IMG_5912 morkare ner till(kopia) (kopia)


IMG_7447 kallarella(kopia)BLOGG

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Evening Lake Isabel

The spring is on it’s way..I miss beautiful Sweden when you can go outside your house and find places like these (:


This shot means a lot to me because it’s really one of the first photographs I ever took. It makes me happy. Maybe because of the person in it or perhaps it brings me back to the time when we were kings and queens.

It’s taken with my very first camera: Olympus E420

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Birthday Girl!

Today is a special day because it’s little Ramona’s birthday. She is turning 5 now! aah that big girl! I bought her a little something and made her this birthday card (that also has an inside) you think she will like it?

Photo on 3-14-13 at 9.27 AM #3

Have a lovely day!

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 Black and white photographs of a true beauty: Min Ju.


IMG_0244 copy dzfBLOGGscopy

IMG_0217 copyBLOGG

Canon 5D, 50mm/ 1.4

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