Work of today

I have spent eight hours in the lab today. Feels so good to be done! when i’m in the darkroom I forget about everything else, I don’t eat, I don’t pee, nothing! so now I’m sitting here eating guacamole. Hope everyone is having an amazing night, extra blessings to my friend Elina, Happy birthday! xo

here are the pictures I did today (sorry about photo booth pics, the pics don’t look as sharp as they are)

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About Zandra

Born in Sweden in 1990. Studies Photography in NYC
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2 Responses to Work of today

  1. Angelica says:

    Vad fina dom blev!!!!!! Woohoo:) Jag forstod det:)

  2. Marie Andersson says:

    Jattefint Z:)
    Ska verkligen borja folja din blogg nu o se vad du gor.
    Good Job!

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