Going to the lab today to work on my pictures for the stone, water, wood and fauna project! I’ll show you the result later today.

This is my proposal for my upcoming project:

I have always been fascinated with dreams and their meaning.
In my upcoming assignment I will during a period of 6 weeks work on a project I have named: Reality of my dreams.

A while ago I started keeping a dream-diary to document my nightly adventures. I found my inspiration for this project in this book. Since three of the dreams have been haunting me I feel that it could be interesting to turn them into actual pictures and try to recapture the feeling that they gave me, but also try to see what is there when the staged dream is gone and all that is left is reality. I will present three dreams in the shape of a series of pictures. Each series will contain five pictures were one will be the staged dream and the rest will be pictures of what is going on in reality at that moment, before and after. For example, One of the dreams is about a girl on top of a roof where she is sitting in front of a mirror. While the staged picture will show her sitting on the roof as in the dream the following pictures will perhaps show the background, other angles behind the mirror, what is going on before or after, or even the rooftop. I want to try to find the connection between reality and the dream, and find the beauty in the moments that are not staged, just real.


About Zandra

Born in Sweden in 1990. Studies Photography in NYC
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