Making Swedish Meatballs part 2

Click on images to view lager (:


1. First I mixed milk and bread crumbs together in a bowl and leaved it for 5 minutes to swell.

2. Then I cut onions in small pieces (ouch! cried a little, haha!)

3. Mixed eggs, breadcrumb-milk (that I just did), grounded beef, onions, salt and pepper together.

4. Then I was ready for the fun part: start rolling meatballs!

5. After that I just put a little butter in the frying pan and started cooking.

Mashed potatoes:

1. First I rinsed the potatoes in water then I cut them in small pieces.

2. Boiled the potatoes for 20 minutes.

3. Mashed them together with milk and butter.

4. Added salt and pepper.

5. done! so easy and so yummie!


1. Melted butter in a pan.

2. Then took flour and milk and mixed in a shaker, after that I added it to the butter.

3. Added cream.

4. Added meat broth, salt and pepper.


Ideally you serve this with lingonberry Jam but cranberry Jam works just fine (:

My dinner guests thought this was very tasty and I can’t wait to dig in to the leftovers (;


About Zandra

Born in Sweden in 1990. Studies Photography in NYC
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4 Responses to Making Swedish Meatballs part 2

  1. Bea says:

    Duktig du är hjärtat!

  2. Helt perfekt for jag skall gora swedish meatballs och gravy har pa julafton sa jag foljer ditt recept da:)

  3. Minna says:

    Du som gillade lårhöga stövlar borde kolla på, deras Adriana boots är 2die4!! Kram

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