Raven of NYC

Self portrait I took last year

Forlat for dalig uppdatering!! Har sa otroligt mycket att gora! Hamnade ju efter i Filosofin efter att dom droppade min fotoklass sa jag har haft mycket “catching up”, ar i kapp nu! Men ja som sagt det ar hart att plugga, langa dagar och valdigt manga laxor/prov pa hog niva. Annars sa kan jag val beratta att allt rullar pa, det ar Var i applet men kanns som sommar (for mig).

Det ar varma kvallar nu! Alla sitter ute pa resturanger, skalar, skrattar, dricker, ater..det spelas musik nar man traskar langst gatorna..det ar undeeerbart! Om man bara kunde fa tid over till det…och foto! men jag har en plan.


I’m so sorry for the bad update..I feel terrible when I see that so many people are following my blog everyday. I just have millions things to do! Been doing a lot of catching up on the philosophy since I missed two classes (they dropped my photo class remember?) It’s a little tough right now but everything will be fine (: what else? The Spring is here! must say it feels like summer to me.. The City is so alive! I love the feeling when you walk down the streets filled with music and you see people in restaurants, laughing, eating, drinking and just enjoying their lives ♥  

Need to find some time for that and photography, I have a plan.



About Zandra

Born in Sweden in 1990. Studies Photography in NYC
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