School is really stressful at the moment, So I’ll have Elina do some updates (:

Here is my school-blog (for computer art), So far we have only worked in Illustrator which is totally new for me, so please be a little forgiving (;

Assignment (1)

We had to create our own symbol, that symbolizes ourselves. Then a second version using “copy and paste” to make a new pic out of the symbol. 3rd version cropping our symbol.

Assignment (2)

We had to make silhouettes and I used my own photograph to complete the picture.

Assignment (3)

She wanted us to express the three following words only using text: transformation, repetition, immigration.( so hard, ugh!)

Assignment (4)

Image, word, definition – three different aspects of a concept emphasized


About Zandra

Born in Sweden in 1990. Studies Photography in NYC
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One Response to Design

  1. cyndialtman says:

    So cool your class incorporates a blog to show class work! Loved seeing how your mind transformed those words for assignment 3, very creative!

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