The Perfect Sunday

Independent art fair

Wonderful day in Chelsea with my love Raki.

(pictures from Raki’s phone)





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Namnlöst-1 (kopia)

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I have been getting some requests about sharing some of my work from school. Here are two photos (from my first studio class) where we were given the assignment to shoot food. It was my first time shooting medium format but I must say it’s hard not to fall in love with the result of a beautiful square.

fisk copfggy


B & W film shot with a Hasselblad.

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A fun night in the village, I will miss you Elvira!

Namnlöst-1 (kopia)

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B&W film shot with Contax T3

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Hey peps!

I will try my best to keep this blog running again. Here are some pictures from last week. We are all very inspired at the moment, Raki bought a new Polaroid, and I got a beautiful analog camera from my friend Felicia. I will keep shooting analog in B&W/Color, develop, scan them and update! hope you’re all good xx

mixture of photos from all of our cameras.



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New work!

Hey guys!

here are two recent design assignments I’ve done for school. One we had to choose a movie that we like and make a book cover for it. The second one we had to combine at least two images in order to create a visual sentence. I’ve used my own photos except from the photo of the clock.


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Elina’s last night

Elina’s last night was awesome! Bobby Blaze invited us to a event called “Fuck it’s Monday!” at Teqa. We had dinner and drinks (Yum!) and (bobby) played straight house all night, non commercial! ! then we ended up going to a after-party. great night with my doll

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Anna’s bithday

It was Anna’s 25th birthday (a lovely swedish girl) so we got invited to a pre-party at her place (with like 30 other swedes??) and then we ended up at Griffin. It was a successful night!

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